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Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial Electrical Services

At Tri Star Electrical, you have an experienced team of commercial electricians able to carry out any electrical or lighting need for your commercial property. We handle all phases of your commercial project from beginning to completion, and can help with any ongoing electrical maintenance and upgrades for the life of your commercial property.

Located in Brighton, we have a long list of commercial clients across Livingston County and adjacent Oakland County communities. We believe in precise communication and superior customer service in every commercial job we perform, making sure your job is completed efficiently, on-time, and on-budget!

If you are looking for a team of highly-skilled commercial electrical contractors with the ability to carry out any size commercial project, consider Tri Star Electrical for your needs.

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Service Panel Upgrades

Is your commercial service panel supplying adequate power to your property? Is it safe and compliant with the latest electrical codes in Michigan? Both are questions that every Michigan business owner should consider, and address.

Avoid the hazards that come with an outdated panel, give the commercial electrical pros at Tri Star Electrical a call. Our licensed professionals can easily troubleshoot and fix any panel issues, or simply offer a solution to upgrade your service to the latest technology to ensure safety, and also reduce your energy costs.

Stand-By Generators / Emergency Power

Gain peace of mind knowing your business won't fall victim to the next inevitable power outage. Stand-by generators are the perfect emergency backup solution and can provide instant power supply to all corners of your commercial property, inside and out. Contact the commercial stand-by generator experts at Tri Star Electrical today, we can design an emergency power solution customized to your businesses unique needs.

New Construction / Remodels

Is your business growing or moving? Most businesses at some point need to scale up to accommodate growth, and with that comes the need for new electrical. If you are a commercial property owner in Michigan looking to renovate, expand, or build, the commercial electrical pros at Tri Star Electrical will make sure your new space is ready! Our team can accommodate:

Troubleshooting and Repairs

With any commercial business, the last thing a business owner needs is electrical problems to disrupt day-to-day operations. Especially in cases of larger commercial buildings and properties, there could be a number of electrical issues that are hard to identify, and need the attention of a licensed commercial electrician.

If your commercial property is experiencing electrical or wiring problems of any kind, Tri Star Electrical can provide any degree of troubleshooting and electrical repair. We will evaluate your entire electrical system to identify any issues and rectify the problems so your business can continue to operate safely. Rely on our commercial electricians to diagnose and repair:

Interior and Exterior Lighting

Lighting selection has a huge impact on the overall ambiance and aesthetics for a business, indoors and out. Let Tri Star Electrical find the ideal lighting configuration for your business. Whether it's providing proper lighting for your warehouse, or designing a stylish lighting configuration to make a great impression with your customers, the lighting pros at Tri Star Electrical can help. Our commercial lighting services include:

Kilowatt Reduction

At Tri Star Electrical we take pride in helping commercial customers benefit from the latest technology in green lighting solutions for their workspace. A full-scale lighting upgrade in your shop or commercial space will bring cost savings for years to come, as well as provide better lighting quality overall. Contact us today to learn more about:

Code Updates

Commercial electrical codes are stringent in the state of Michigan, and violations can result in hefty fines and a business being shut down. It's important to have your commercial property's electrical system inspected yearly to ensure you are up to date with the latest electrical codes.

The commercial electricians at Tri Star Electrical have decades of experience working with local businesses and property owners to troubleshoot code violations and rectify them accordingly. We can provide seasonal maintenance for your property, offering peace of mind that your business won't be subject to safety issues or code violations.

Contact Tri Star Electrical for all your commercial electrical needs in Michigan (810) 225-9605
Contact Tri Star Electrical for all your commercial electrical needs in Michigan (810) 225-9605

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