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Commercial Generator Installation

Commercial Generator Installation

Dependable emergency backup power for your business or commercial property

Is your business or commercial facility protected from Michigan's extreme weather? Loss of power equals loss of productivity and money - make sure you have a comprehensive emergency power system in place to keep your lights, cameras, and equipment running without any hiccups.

For over 3 decades, Michigan businesses and commercial property owners have depended on Tri Star Electrical for complete standby emergency power solutions. Our commercial electricians are certified and expertly trained to install Generac and Honeywell generators, Michigan's leading brand for commercial standby power. We offer professional installation for standby generators, plus seasonal maintenance to extend the life and performance of your equipment.

Automatic Standby Generators

An automatic standby generator is the best solution for reliable and instant backup power for your entire commercial property. Powered by your LP or natural gas supply, the system is designed to be hands-free and stress-free, springing into action with no intervention needed. Within seconds of a utility power outage, your emergency standby generator will start up automatically – restoring power to your entire commercial property.

An automatic standby generator functions with an automatic transfer switch (ATS) - both of which are installed by our licensed electricians. The generator constantly monitors the incoming power from your utility provider, and when an outage is detected, the generator automatically starts up. A few seconds later, the ATS will transfer over to the generator and lock out the utility. Your generator will continue to run as long as needed to keep your lights and equipment on without a glitch. Once grid power is restored, the ATS automatically switches back to your utility and the generator will shut down.

Having an automatic standby generator installed on your commercial property provides a wide range of benefits:

Automatic Standby Power

Have peace of mind knowing your automatic standby generator is ready to keep your business up and running. No need to intervene or even be present!

Protect Vulnerable Equipment

An automatic standby generator will ensure that your valuable equipment and machinery remain operational and are protected from dangerous power surges.

24/7 Security

Keep security cameras, lights, alarms, and all monitoring systems online during a power outage.

Stay Open

No need to worry about losing business when the lights go out, keep your doors open during any power outage!

Certified Generac installers Brighton MI

Commercial Generac & Honeywell Authorized Installers

Tri Star Electrical is an authorized Generac and Honeywell installer. We are licensed and insured to install, repair, service, and provide warranty work for Generac and Honeywell generators according to safety standards and building codes.

Need help selecting the right generator system for business or commercial property? Let our pros help you find the right system, and provide expert installation!

Portable Generators for Small Businesses

If you are looking for a more economical and compact backup power solution for your small business, a portable gas-powered generator is a great choice. With a large variety of options to choose from, our experts can help you find the right Generac or Honeywell system, plus provide the proper hook-up and transfer system to ensure safe and hassle-free operation!

Portable Generator Interlock Systems

A Portable Generator Interlock system allows you to safely energize your commercial breaker panel when it's time to fire up your portable generator. During the event of a power outage, your main circuit breaker is cut off while the panel is fed by a portable generator. You simply select the priority circuits and turn those breakers on.

With the interlock system, we install an inlet box (usually on the wall adjacent to the panel) for you to plug your generator into. There is an option to include an optional utility power-back alert for portable generator interlocks, which, when power is restored, will give an audible signal that lets you know you can transfer power back to your regular utility source. The system is extremely easy to use, and we will show you how to fully operate it during the installation.

Certified Generac installers Brighton MI

Maintenance Plans

Improve performance and extend the life of your commercial generator. Contact Us to learn more about our generator maintenance plans!

residential generator maintenance near brighton michigan

Maintenance Plans

Improve performance and extend the life of your commercial generator. Contact Us to learn more about our generator maintenance plans!

residential generator maintenance near brighton michigan

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