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Dedicated Circuits

Dedicated Circuits

Do you have the right amount of dedicated power in your home or commercial property?

As technology advances, we find ourselves installing more equipment in our homes and commercial buildings that demand a higher electrical load. As a result, dedicated circuits in your breaker panel are needed to ensure proper operation, safety, and to avoid damage to your equipment or appliances.

Understanding Dedicated Circuits

If you look at a breaker panel, you should see a series of breakers labeled with "15", "20", "30" (or sometimes even higher), which signifies amp rating for each breaker. In an average home, most breakers are 15 amps and labeled with the different sections of the house or fixtures they supply power to. In offices or larger commercial properties, breaker ratings could reach as high as 50 amps to accommodate larger equipment and machinery.

You will also notice breakers labeled for just one appliance, equipment, or area of your property, indicating they are only supplying power to that appliance/area, meaning they are "dedicated circuits". This is because the equipment has a higher energy demand and should NOT be sharing power with any other appliance, fixture, or equipment.

What Requires A Dedicated Circuit?

If you aren't sure if your new appliance or equipment requires dedicated power, make sure you consult with the manufacturer's specifications, or contact us and we'll be glad to provide clarity. In most cases, any appliance or equipment with at least a 1,000 watt rating requires a dedicated circuit.

Examples of equipment that may require a dedicated circuit:

Kitchen Appliances

Appliances including stove/range, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, garbage disposal, or any other large standalone appliance.

Laundry Room Appliances

Electric dryer and washing machine.

HVAC Equipment

Furnace, A/C (central, window, and mini-split), hood fan, space heater, and electric fireplace.

Plumbing Equipment

Water heater and sump pump.

Bath / Spa

Jacuzzi spa, hot tub, and pool.

Garage / Outdoors

Garage door, large power equipment, sauna, exterior structures (gazebos, decks, pole barns, detached garages, etc).

Commercial Equipment

Large machinery / equipment, over head doors, fans, RTUs, etc.

Contact Our Dedicated Circuit Experts

Not having the proper dedicated circuitry in your panel can cause safety issues, and lead to significant damage to your expensive appliances and equipment. Tri Star Electrical has a team of dedicated circuit experts in Michigan that can fulfill any dedicated power demands for your home, office, or commercial property.

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