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Residential Electrical Services

Residential Electrical Services

At Tri Star Electrical, our residential electricians combine experience, ingenuity, and old-fashioned customer service to fulfill any electrical or lighting need for your home. Our goal is to deliver a safe and welcoming environment for your home, while helping you reduce your monthly energy costs.

Located in Brighton, we serve all of Livingston and adjacent Oakland County communities. Our residential electricians are just a click or call away for any electrical service, installation, or upgrade need for the interior or exterior of your home. Our friendly staff will answer your questions and schedule a free estimate at your convenience.

Michigan homeowners depend on Tri Star Electrical for:

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Electrical Service Panel Upgrades

An outdated or damaged service panel has potential for causing power supply and safety issues in your home. Upgrading your existing service panel or adding a sub panel is the best way to ensure you have enough capacity, and are complying with the latest safety standards.

Our licensed electricians can fulfill any service panel upgrade or repair needed to ensure your panel is safe and provides ample power supply throughout the interior or exterior of your residence.

New Construction Electrical

Installing electrical in any new construction or remodeled space requires a high level of skill and attention to detail. Our new construction electricians possess the knowledge and experience to properly and efficiently install new wiring and electrical framework in any space, pursuant to all the latest electrical codes. We have successfully worked with a variety of homeowners and contractors to fulfill any electrical installation need for any size project. We can handle every phase from design, inspections, to final walk-throughs to ensure the job is completed on time, to your exact specifications. We can accommodate:

EV Charger Installation

With more and more electrical vehicles on the road every day, with it comes the increased demand for EV charger stations. Need an EV charger station installed on your property? We have you covered! We make it easy to have any brand EV charger for any brand vehicle installed to your specifications, inside or outside.

Electrical Repairs & Troubleshooting

Faulty wiring or defective electrical equipment is not only a safety hazard, but could be costing you on your electrical bill. Home electrical flaws often require a 360° approach by a licensed residential electrician with the ability to troubleshoot electrical problems in their entirety.

At Tri Star Electrical, our electricians are specialists at identifying and troubleshooting any wiring, electrical, or fixture issues to ensure safety, and often help you save money. Our residential electricians can fix or troubleshoot:

Fixture & Lighting Installation

For any fixture or lighting installation need for the inside or outside of your home, the Tri Star team can help you find the perfect configuration for any space. Whether it's finding the ideal lighting configuration for your new addition or basement, adding that elegant accent with a new chandelier, or just looking to upgrade your lighting to the latest in LED technology, our experts will work with you to bring any space to light (and life!). We can wire and install:

Dedicated Circuits

If you are considering installing any appliances or equipment that require significant power, it's crucial to have a dedicated circuit on your service panel that supplies adequate power to the unit. Not having adequate power supply to equipment like large appliances, HVAC, pools, spas etc. can cause safety hazards as well as result in significant damage to the equipment itself.

Call the dedicated circuit experts at Tri Star Electrical before you install or hookup any major equipment on your property, we can install a dedicated circuit in your service panel so your equipment has adequate power to operate safely and worry-free. We can install dedicated circuits for:

Whole House Surge Protectors

Did you know that your home experiences hundreds of minor power surges every day? May not be noticeable on the surface, but over time these small fluctuations take a large toll on your equipment that rely on power supply. Now take into consideration a more serious power surge like a lightning strike or black/brown outs on your local grid. These can deliver serious damage to expensive equipment immediately. 

Whole house surge protector installation is your solution. Our residential electricians can install a device in your electrical service panel that provides effective, layered protection against even the most powerful electrical surges. For the small investment, whole house surge protector installation is easily the smart choice for full-scale protection of your equipment, including:

Green Energy Upgrades

Many people don't realize how much they could be saving on energy costs with just a few (or many) changes to their home power consumption. There are many ways to upgrade to a greener energy footprint and reduce your kilowatt consumption. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your in-home power consultation and see how much you could be saving!

Generator Installation

Having an automatic stand-by generator is still the best way to maintain complete power throughout your home in the event of an outage. We have installed hundreds of generators of all brands and types for Michigan homeowners, providing peace of mind for our customers when the lights inevitably go out.

Schedule service or request a free estimate with our residential electricians (810) 225-9605
Schedule service or request a free estimate with our residential electricians (810) 225-9605

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