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Service Panel Upgrades

Service Panel Upgrades

Call Tri Star Electrical for all your service panel service, installation, and upgrade needs in Michigan

When's the last time you've checked your electrical service panel? Do you know if it's the right size,  and meets the latest electrical codes? Let the electrical service panel experts at Tri Star Electrical fill in those blanks for you. With decades of experience fulfilling any service panel need for Michigan homes and businesses, our experts can diagnose any issues with your panel, provide repairs, or upgrade your equipment o the latest technology. Our #1 goal is to ensure your electrical panel is safe and fully accommodates your energy demands.

Service Panel Upgrades

Upgrading your service panel is the best way to ensure you have adequate power supply to meet your energy demands, and more importantly, remedy any potential safety issues that could arise from an old or damaged electrical panel.

Tri Star Electrical offers a variety of solutions to upgrade your electrical service panel, including:

Complete Service Panel Replacement

Tri Star Electrical can completely replace your service panel to latest technology of equipment. This process includes disconnecting the old equipment as needed (panel, meter can, entrance cable, ground rods, etc) and installing the new panel and all necessary components, including labeling the panel and all live breakers. This process usually takes 6 to 8 hours and can be completed in one day.

Service (Amp) Upgrades

Most homes are equipped with a 150 amp panel, but in today's high energy demands, it's very common for a home to require an upgrade to a 200 amp service, or more. We can achieve this by simply installing a sub panel to the existing panel, or upgrading / adding breakers in the panel itself. For commercial properties, we can provide high-capacity panel upgrades that meet any businesses energy demands.

Fuse to Breaker Conversions

The old school fuse box panels are a thing of the past. If your home is still equipped with a fuse box, upgrading to a modern breaker panel is necessary to ensure proper safety, and adequate power supply. Our service panel professionals can convert your old panel to a new, code compliant circuit breaker that will accommodate your energy demands.

Dedicated Circuits

If you are looking to install new appliances or equipment on your property that requires dedicated power (HVAC, pool, hot tub, etc) our professionals can install a dedicated circuit in your panel that supplies concentrated power to your equipment.

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Make Sure Your Panel Is The Right Size

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Service Panel Checklist

Is Your Service Panel / Cable Undersized?

As a general rule of thumb, a 150 amp service is adequate for a home less than 3,000 sq. ft. Any space over 3,000 sq. ft. should have a minimum of a 200 amp service. If your home / panel doesn't meet these criteria, you may need to upgrade your service panel and cable.

Do You Have A Fuse Panel?

An older fuse panel is not worth the risk and headaches! Upgrading to a breaker panel will provide more power capacity, better safety, and is overall easier to maintain.

Is Your Panel Overloaded?

Events like breaker/fuses tripping, flickering lights, and malfunctioning equipment/appliances are all tell-tale signs your panel may be overloaded.

Are You Installing New Appliances?

Common examples: A/C, furnace, water heater, pool/hot tub, ovens and refrigerators.

Any time you look to install a new appliance/device in your home that requires dedicated power from your panel (especially equipment that was never in your home before), make sure your panel has the capacity and circuit structure to support the increased load. 

Is Your Home Undergoing Renovations?

Planning on that home addition, finished basement, or garage/pole barn? Chances are you will need to upgrade your service to accommodate the power demand in these new spaces.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, contact us today.  We will be glad to evaluate your needs and provide a solution!

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